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Fundraising Opportunities

Scrip Order Dates for Physical Cards: Generally the 3rd Monday of the Month

The rebates you earn from purchasing gift cards through Scrip go directly toward your Booster Club account.   Scrip cards are available from many places you already shop--including gas stations and grocery stores. 

Check the Shop with Scrip website frequently for current deals--they typically update weekly.  TSBC will place a single order monthly for physical gift cards.  Scrip eCards and Reload Now orders can always be placed on the Scrip website and are available immediately for use. 

Aaron and Danika Marken

Scrip Fundraising Chairs

Phone: 641-529-2325 (Aaron)

Scrip Cards

Scrip Enrollment is Open!  Click on the link below for additional instructions.  You must be a member of our site & logged in for the link to work.  Haven't created a Scrip member account  yet?  Do it today!  It is quick and easy to register, but it does take a day or two before you can place orders and use Presto Pay.

Scrip Enrollment Information

Details here to enroll in the TSBC Scrip Program

Shop with Scrip Link

Scrip cards are a great way to earn money for your booster club account. Earn rebates from over 700 retailers you probably already shop at everyday!

End of Progressive Session Pizza Sales

Shelly Eklund

Chair: End of Session Pizza Sales

Phone: 651-328-4480


Vikki Zahn

Chair: Fall Mum Fundraiser

Heggies Pizza Fundraiser

Dan Feucht

Chair: Heggies Pizza Fundraiser

Phone: 6125906674

Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraiser

Alicia Gagner

Chair - Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraiser


Spring Flower Fundraiser

Meng Hartos

Chair: Spring Flower Fundraiser


TAGS South Booster Club Fundraising Table at Progressive Meets

Spring Meet and Summer Meet Chaired by TSBC officers